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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Assalam oalikum,

Despite the fact that the arguments against insurance are supported with enough Quranic evidence and ahadith, yet the propagators of insurance try to come up with one excuse or the other for justifying insurance. Some of the scholars who favor insurance have tried to invoke the law of necessity in order to substantiate their claims. According to them insurance is an absolute necessity in cases where:
There is no safety of life and property of the Muslims, especially in places where communal riots are common.
Health care costs have sky-rocketed and it is difficult to bear the expenditure without a health insurance cover. So in such places the people are driven by necessity to opt for insurance.
Insurance is made compulsory by law.
Where there is no Islamic substitute to commercial insurance.

The Islamic laws are uniform and they do not change with every latitude and longitude. The 5 pillars of Islam are mandatory for each and every Muslim irrespective of the country where they live. So living in the West does not give a Muslim the freedom to follow Islam according to their convenience. What is forbidden for other Muslims is forbidden for them as well.
If the health care cost has risen in some countries then the health insurance costs have not fallen either. Moreover, if people can afford partying late night in discotheques and bars, they can afford their medical expenditure also.
Abdullah Al-Bassaam has rightly pointed out that embracing any practice simply because it is widespread in the society, is objectionable. If the Islamic scholars take this approach every now and then, Islam principles will be destroyed.

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