Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Insurance in the light of Islam An Intro-1

Assalam oalaikum,

“See, O Humans!!
The birds are flying high in the skies,
Just see what they do
Neither do they hoard their food
Nor do they starving die.
Has anyone ever seen
Birds dying of hunger?
It’s humans who hoard
And humans who die of hunger
(Sufi Saint Bulleh Shah)

The underlying idea of this verse is that birds do not hoard and neither do they plan ahead. They are carefree and they soar high in the blue sky. Their welfare lies in the hands of their Creator, Allah (swt) who takes care of their needs.

We know well Allah (swt) has honored us with the position of Ashraf-ul-Maqhluqat or the best amongst His Creations. Worshipping Allah (swt) and placing trust in Him is integral Imaan. Tawakkul is a cardinal tenet of Islam which has been defined in different ways:

Entrusting all the matter to the Master and relying on His Trusteeship
Severance by the servant of all hopes and expectations from the creatures (and attaching them to [Allah (swt)]

So tawakkul implies relying on Allah (swt) alone.

Allah (swt) has 99 beautiful names such as The Protector, The Sustainer, The Just, The Maintainer etc. So when Allah (swt) owns everything that is there on earth and in heaven and is All-Merciful, so the need does not arise for human beings to worry needlessly. (cont)

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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