Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Assalam oalikum,

Those who are in favor of insurance have come up with another argument. They opine that the overriding necessity of insurance contracts in the present day society make them indispensable and permissible. They try to justify their claim with the help of the fact that in the Hanafi school of thought most of the monetary contracts are based on necessity. They argue that the overriding necessity for insurance contract makes it acceptable and insurance contracts are much sought after these days because they fulfill the general requirements of the public and are a part of general welfare. So those who favor insurance claim that the insurance contracts are indispensable and without them the life of the Muslims will suffer.
However, we have to take clues from the Holy Quran and seek guidance from it instead of relying on our own intellect. The Quran says in chapter 2, verse 219 that the harm or sinfulness of gambling and wine drinking far outweighs their benefits. Similarly, though insurance may sound to be quite lucrative and tempting to some yet its harm outweigh its benefits. Hence it should be considered to be forbidden from the Islamic point of view.
Those who are in favor of the concept of commercial insurance usually use weak evidence to support their claims. This is not surprising because when the insurance contracts contains elements of Riba, Gharar, Al-Maisir, jahalah, Al-Qimar etc then it will definitely be quite a Herculean task to brainwash innocent Muslims into believing that there is nothing un-Islamic about insurance.
Just like the rich are getting richer day by day under the capitalistic system similarly insurance can also bring peace of mind, security etc only to the richer class. After all how can those people who are subject to poverty buy insurance policy and pay the premiums. So if insurance can help only those who can afford to pay the premiums, so what benefit is it providing to the society by and large?

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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