Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Assalam oalikum,

In my earlier posts I have discussed how the defenders of insurance overlook the teachings of the Quran and ahadith and try to formulate their own opinion about this issue. Some of the weak arguments put forth by them include that insurance is a justified on the grounds of:
Azzaroorat Taba’al Khatoorat (requirements at the time of calamity),
Dafa al-Harj (wiping out the peril),
Rafa zarar (combating the loss) and
Tahaffuz-e-jaan-o Maal (protection of life and property)
It is a contract of guarantee/surety
They invoke the Law of necessity to support their claim that insurance is not un-Islamic.

However, truth is like the Sun, the Moon and the stars which cannot be concealed for long. So any baseless argument in favor of insurance cannot validate it.
A bitter but true philosophy of life is that nobody is indispensable in this world. If anyone happened to be indispensable then this world would have ceased to exist a long time back. When a person departs from this world his loved ones may mourn for long periods of time because of their personal loss. However, what everybody has to realize is that live goes on ultimately. The responsibility of a child may shift from one person to another or the life of a happily married woman may turn upside down. However, life teaches one to move on, sooner or later. So when none of us is indispensable then how can an insurance policy be indispensable? As all of us know insurance is a relatively modern phenomenon. So how do we suppose that the people living during the ancient times survived without insurance? How did they manage to tide over any crisis or unforeseen disaster in their life without an insurance cover? Were all the civilizations wiped off from the surface of the earth just because they did not have any insurance policy to buy?
The answer is no. This is because this world can exist without insurance contracts also.

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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